Can Social Media Marketing Increase Brand Awareness

Social media is key to boosting brand awareness, but to do so, you need to have a good understanding of your audience. This allows you to create relevant content, which should not focus on sales, and offer the right kind of customer service. As you can see, there are many ways to increase your brand awareness, and social media is by far one of the best channels to do so. One of the reasons for brand awareness is to ensure that your audience can recognize your brand anywhere.

Using branding elements such as your logo, colors and emblems on your social media platforms can play a huge role in creating your brand. Here are several social media marketing tips that will take your branding efforts to a whole new level. Once you research and answer all of these questions, you can narrow down your options. For example, since most of your potential customers are on Facebook, you need to be there too.

This platform gives you the opportunity to target a wider audience, engage different social groups with your brand, and create a wide online community. Twitter is for those brands that want to drive their conversation with a tech-savvy audience, while LinkedIn is ideal for B2B companies looking for new influencers, business partners or employees. If you have a knack for photography or are thinking of sharing DIY tips, you should go to Pinterest and Instagram and link them to your Facebook account. How do you use social media marketing to increase brand awareness? The surest way to stand out is by publishing engaging content that grabs the attention of your audience, says Peter Brook, director of content marketing at Ivory Research.

When you interact with your customers on social media, you create an opportunity for their network to know your brand. For example, they use comedy on social media not only to show off their product, but also to attract attention. Explore where your audience spends most of their time and stick to these social media platforms. Nike does this by using its swoosh logo on its social media profile pages of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, respectively.

Making your content stand out in the noisy world of social media requires eye-catching visual content, including images and videos. To familiarize yourself with your audience on social media, you should use the social media sites you choose as your search engine. By doing so, you're also likely to see an increase in your social currency and find that people are more likely to mention and recommend you. Pay attention to the engagement statistics on your social profiles to see how much reach and engagement your posts, ads, and other content receive.

So, if you want to generate conversations with and among your audience, don't hesitate to create social media content on these topics. Some marketing CRMs, such as HubSpot, offer comprehensive social media analytics reporting options to give you even more details. A solid inbound marketing strategy will bring together your social media, content, blogs, search engine optimization and more to build brand awareness and attract new business. With the right content on your social media, you'll easily convert your email subscribers into social media followers.

For B2B marketers, it's important not to make assumptions about the content or social media platforms your audience interacts with.

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